Shinto Ryu was founded by Hibino Raifu in the year of 1888.

In 1927, Sensei Mitsugi Yoshimatsu arrived in Brazil, he was a disciple of the founder, and started lectioning Shinto Ryu to the interested students until the year of 1977, when  he passed away.

Among his disciples it is worth noting the work of the professor George Guimarães, a sword  studious who has given special attention to japanese sword, it’s spirit and it’s use. He obtains the degree of complete Menkyo by Sensei Yoshimatsu and, currently, teaches I Ai Do through his own methodoly.

In the 80’s, professor George delivers the knowledge of I Ai Do acquired from Sensei Yoshimatsu to Professor Michel Echenique, Sôke in the Nei Kung style and the first director of the International Filosophical Marcial Arts Institute  Bodhidharma.

Professor César N. Ortiz iniciated his Iai Do studies with Professor Michel Echenique, and was his disciple until the moment of his passing.

Professor César Ortiz requested to the Sohonbu a recognition for the work done in Brazil by the professors Michel and George. It became registered in a diploma with these sayings, that the Sôke Hibino Massaharu itself handed it in the ocasion of his coming to Brazil.

Currently, the responsible for the style for South and Central America , with it’s Shinto Ryu Central head office in Brazil is professor César Nicolas Ortiz Rojas (CREF 047011-P/SP), this responsability granted in Japan in the year of 2005 by the third Sôke. He is a direct disciple of the 10th Dan Mori Sensei in Kenbu-Do, Shintoryu Shintokan I Ai-Do and Iaido ZNKR; of the Sôke Hibino Massaharu in Shinto Ryu No Dentou and in Shigin with Mori Nobue Sensei. His knowledge of I ai Battô Jutsu was work of his studies with Sensei Mochizuki Takeshi until the year of 2010.

Previously, he was nominated Menkyo by professor G. Guimarães. Professor César has broadcast the practice of Shinto Ryu in Brazil, having black-belt instructors recognized in Japan in practically every state of the Union. Also has students in the following countries: Spain, Israel, Austria, Hungria, Equator, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru.

He currently lives in Japan


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